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Yegor Gaidar’ memories

Posted in memoriam by Juris on Decembris 16, 2009

He was always very serious about his beliefs, but never about himself.

Almost by Chesterton.

Being  acting Russian Prime Minister for some six months, he actually led Russia away from the famine and civil war, where it was due to many decades communists and the KGB’ rule.

Those ones who nowdays call themselves “Russian patriots” had called him the first person to be hanged on the first lamp-post. 

As “one who should be responsible for the famine and civil war” in Russia.

The author is one who had the good fortune to talk to him, so I might say that he was a true intellectual, with his usual fine sense of humor.

As also a true patriot of Russia. Despite the fact that he preferred Scotch more than Russian vodka.

‘Brave men are all vertebrates; they have their softness on the surface and their toughness in the middle’ , Gilbert K. Chesterton said.

It seems, Yegor Gaidar was a true brave man.

Juris Eckstein.

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